h+h cologne: 26.–28.03.2021 #hhcologne

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Kinki Amibari Co. Ltd. | Aussteller auf der h+h cologne 2021

Kinki Amibari Co. Ltd.

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Kinki Amibari Co. Ltd.
4368 Takayama-cho
630-0101 Ikoma-city, Nara
+81 743 781101
+81 743 790882
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Seeknit Brands
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Unternehmen und Produkte

Kinki Amibari has introduced New Interchangeable Circular Needles with Koshitsu Needles Tips in addition to Shirotake Needles.
After going through Kinki Amibari's unique high temperature and pressure treatment, Koshitsu needles are carefully polished with natural plant wax.
This special treatment gives the bamboo extra durability and helps prevent damage from outside environmental influences.
Moreover, it has an effect of preventing the needles from warping.
The surface treatment makes a comfortable and smooth movement of threads and warm touch.
New Seeknit Interchangeable Needles Premium SET packed many ideas on the many occasions of the use.
Ease of storing the cords which was bothersome always, and we can hang this up on the
wall for storing what make sense for easily seeing them.
Incredibly our new Seeknit Case has Max 13 pockets for Pair Needles Tips.
It is possible to store like a library size book in book shelf.
We can hang this like Wall Pocket by two holes on top of case.
We will be fun for knitting life with very simple design with Seeknit Case.
Specification of Seeknit Circular Needles Premium SET :
- Art. Nr : 58252 Shirotake IC Premium SET
- Art. Nr : 58731 Koshitsu IC Premium SET

- Feature :

 - 11 Sizes Interchangeable Needles: 12.cm (5”) Needles Length
US1.5  2.50mm, US2  2.75mm, US2.5  3.00mm, US3  3.25mm ==M1.8
US4   3.50mm, US5  3.75mm, US6  4.00mm, US7  4.50mm, US8  5.00mm == M2
US9   5.50mm, US10  6.00mm == M4

- 9 Cords 
14.0”/35.0cm/M1.8, 22.0”/55.0cm/M1.8, 29.5”/75.0cm/M1.8, 14.0”/35.0cm/M2,
22.0”/55.0cm/M2, 29.5”/75.0cm/M2, 14.0”/35.0cm/M4, 22.0” /55.0cm/M4,

- 6 Stopper

3 Types each 2 pcs

- Seeknit Fabric Case
13 PVC pocket for needle tips
8 Pockets for cords
1 Pocket for accessories
2 Halls for hanging on the wall
1 Removable flat elastic cord

2020 h and h Koelen Messe
Hall 3.1
Stand No: B-031


Kinki Amibari Co. Ltd.